Finding the Right Boarding Centre for a Nervous Cat

When it's time to go away on holiday, if you're a cat owner, there's an extra thing to take care of. There are a few options for making sure your cat is looked after while you're not around, but a traditional boarding centre is usually the most convenient, and often one of the best options for the cat, too. It's important to spend some time making sure you pick the right place, as you don't want to drop your cat off only to discover you've booked somewhere less than ideal.

Sending Your Dog on Holiday? Don't Forget to Pack!

As a dog owner going on holiday, you'll probably find you can't take your four-legged companion with you, since it's just not practical for the majority of destinations. Unless you have a house-sitter or a friend to look after your pooch, that means you're going to need to find a boarding kennel. The experience, particularly the separation, can be really stressful for some dogs. If it's the first time you've gone away and left your dog, it's probably a source of stress for you, too.