Finding the Right Boarding Centre for a Nervous Cat

When it's time to go away on holiday, if you're a cat owner, there's an extra thing to take care of. There are a few options for making sure your cat is looked after while you're not around, but a traditional boarding centre is usually the most convenient, and often one of the best options for the cat, too.

It's important to spend some time making sure you pick the right place, as you don't want to drop your cat off only to discover you've booked somewhere less than ideal. This is even more important, however, if you have a nervous, anxious cat.

In this instance, it's not just a case of checking cleanliness and how professional the operation is; you need to be certain it's suitable for your cat's particular temperament. Here are the things to check.

Noise levels

Many cat boarders also have a dog boarding facility, which can be quite noisy. Ideally, it will be situated out of earshot, but even that can be a problem if your cat gets anxious easily. There might be other sources of noise, too, even if it's just that they take in a lot of cats at once who make a racket.

Spend some time walking around and listening to the levels of noise, so you can make a decision about whether or not your cat will relax there.

How understanding the staff are

People who work as cat boarders should be used to dealing with all sorts of cats, so talk to them about your concerns. As long as they're sympathetic to your nervous cat and seem willing to help them settle in, it's a good sign that should give you some comfort when you have to leave your pet there.


Some cats enjoy seeing what's going on, with a view outdoors providing stimulation and enjoyment. For nervous cats in boarding, however, it can all be too much, so an enclosed pen is usually a better option. This will help them to feel more secure, as they won't realise they're surrounded by other cats.


A comfy bed, plenty of toys and things to do are important in keeping a cat calm. A distracted cat is a happy cat, so make sure there's enough to keep them busy. The boarding staff should also be receptive to letting you take anything you think will help your cat feel at home, like their own bed, an item of your clothing, or a favourite toy.

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